Inflatable Boats (IB)
& Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats (RHIB)


Military & Commercial Inflatable RHIB

We provide stable, agile and study boats, thus global professionals can remain safe while providing aid and protection. We avail of the very best naval products to accurately meet the mission requirements defined by clients. We provides innovative solutions by taking account of required performance and controlled operating cost.

Inflatables & RHIBs Leisure Market


In all types of weather, Zodiac boat ensure the safety the passengers and will get you to your destination. Zodiac Nautic and its 1,600 dealers will put their expertise at your service.

Professional Inflatables and RIBS


AKA Marine, is a brand of Z Nautic Group; a company which has long been recognized as the international leader of inflatables and RIBS by offering unmatched quality products which have a proven track record for dependability and reliability.

Folding Kayaks & Folding Boats


Hermes Kayak has more than 25 years of experience in folding kayak production. Our kayak is a complete and proven kit of military kayaks that provide quiet and difficult to detect movements of two operators along with a sufficient amount of combat equipment on all sorts of areas of water.

Naval Engineering & Shipyard


The Ufast shipyard avails of the very best naval architects and engineers to accurately meet the missions defined by its customers.

Ships and Professional Boats

Raidco Marine, France

Raidco Marine International is a naval construction company specializing in sailors and patrols for institutional and military clients. The company is based in Lorient but its headquarters are in Paris.

Military & Commercial RHIBS & Inflatable Boats

Mako Marine, Africa

MAKO Marine Africa specializes in supplying custom-made military and commercial RHIBS, fully inflatables, custom built boats, boat repairs and boat training.

Military RHIBS

Maritime Rescue System

Safe at Sea, Sweden

Safe at Sea designs, develops, produces and sells lightweight, flexible and cost-effective maritime rescue systems. These systems help to save lives by improving maritime SAR operations (Search and Rescue) as well as boarder guard missions worldwide.

Tactical Watercraft

  • Zodiac Nautic, France
  • Aka Marine Z Nautic, France
  • Hermes Kayak, Poland
  • Ufast Shipyard, France
  • Raidco Marine, France
  • Mako Marine, Africa
  • Safe at Sea, Sweden