Diving Equipment


Diving & Navigation Systems

We provide an extensive range of general diving and life support equipment specifically developed to meet the varied requirements and operational demands of defence divers. Defence divers’ equipment encompasses a diverse range of diving disciplines that requires mission specific life support systems, ancillary equipment and training.

James Fisher Defence (JFD)


Divex offers a range of highly capable underwater life support systems to meet the full mission profile of today’s Special Operations and MCM divers. Divex has a long standing history in the development of rebreather systems across the defence and commercial markets.

Underwater Marine Navigator


Shark Marine manufactures underwater products that are innovative, high quality, dependable, and cost effective. include ROVs, Diver Navigation Systems, Diver Delivery Systems, and Sonar Systems.

Military DPV & Dive Scooter

Seacraft , POLAND

For years Marine Tech S.A. has been providing high quality equipment to the best armed forces from all over the world. Seacraft Military&Special product line is designed to fulfill high demands of special forces and other military Clients.

Seacraft Special Submersibles

Seacraft Dive Scooters

Life Support Systems

James Fisher Defence (JFD),  UK

JFD manufactures and sells a wide range of diving and subsea products for the commercial, defence and hyperbaric sectors. JFD diverse range of products meet the challenges of the various diving industries in which clients operate. JFD are the largest manufacturer and supplier of professional diving equipment worldwide.

Life Support Systems (LSS)

Diving & Recompression Specialist


JFD Cowan is a welding specialist with strong core competencies in stainless steel, aluminium fabrication & sheet-metal work. JFD Cowan also specialises in design, manufacture & installation of Recompression Chambers, Decompression Chambers & other life support systems worldwide

Wide Range of Scuba Gear


TECLINE gear is fully modular which means that it can be adapted to the personal needs of our customers. Our goal is to provide divers with tools to build their own, customized, perfect configuration.

  • James Fisher Defence (JFD) Divex, UK

  • Shark Marine Technology, Canada

  • DPV & Underwater Scooter
  • Diving & Recompression JFD Cowan, Australia 

  • Life Support Systems JFD, UK

  • Scuba Gear, Tecline, Poland